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Blower Door Testing

8-8-2018 9-43-03 AMLoggerhead Air, Inc. is a full-service HVAC company founded in 2012 (FL Lic #CAC1817018) which now offers Blower Door Testing as one of our services.

We are an Association of Construction Industry Certified Professional certified in Blower Door Testing that is fully capable of assisting you with the newly mandated Blower Door Testing as required from the Florida Building Code.

Loggerhead Air, Inc is ready to assist all our clients with this new energy code requirement. We are your best choice for reliable, timely and accurate Blower Door Testing services at an affordable price.


Effective July 1, 2017, The Florida Building Code now requires that each newly constructed residential building or dwelling pass a Blower Door test before the certificate of occupancy can be issued.

8-8-2018 9-44-45 AMR402.4.1.2 Testing. The building or dwelling unitshall be tested and verified as having an air leakagerate of not exceeding 7 air changes per hour in Climate Zones 1 and 2, 3 air changes per hour in Climate Zones 3 through 8. Testing shall be conducted with a blower door at a pressure or 0.2 inches w.g. (50 Pascals). Testing shall be conducted by either individuals as defined in Section 553.993(5) or (7),F.S. or individuals licensed as set forth in Section 489.105(3)(f), (g), or (h) or an approved third party. A written report of the results of the test shall be signed by the party conducting the test and provided to the code official. Testing shall be performed at any time after creation of all penetrations of the building thermal envelope.

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